Law Together handles personal injury compensation claims for people hurt in accidents that weren’t their fault. It means we understand the physical and emotional shocks those injuries can have on you, your family and your working life.

Professional ethics, empathy, hard work and excellent customer service sit at the heart of all we do. That’s why we take great care to make sure you have a smooth experience at what’s often a stressful time. We also know that every accident is different and that’s why the detail is so important.

Our personal injury specialists will work closely with you to build your claim carefully. That’s how we ensure the compensation settlement we pursue for you fully reflects what you’ve gone through.

Personal injury law can be complex. While we understand those complexities, our approach gives you the right advice in practical, plain English. We are regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (SRA).

Our experience

Our specialist legal team is highly experienced and handles a wide range of accident injury types. We also understand the importance of clear communication, so we’ll always keep you informed. As a result, you can be confident you’ll receive the right legal support that puts your needs first – without exception.

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We work on no win no fee terms

We manage all the claims we handle under an arrangement called a conditional fee agreement. This is often called a no win no fee agreement.

This means that if your claim doesn’t succeed, you pay nothing – provided you meet your obligations under the agreement. If your claim succeeds, you may be liable to make a contribution towards the costs of pursuing it. This is never more than 25% of the relevant damages we recover for you.

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How to find out more

While our offices are in Manchester, we can manage your personal injury compensation claim wherever you are in the country. If you would like more information about us, please just get in touch.

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